Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sue Danielson, Featured Student

Walk in the Park #12
Sue Danielson
Acrylic on Canvas

Walk in the Park #13
Sue Danielson
Acrylic on Canvas

Sue Danielson is one of my regular private students, and it's a joy working with her. This summer, she completed a series of plein air landscapes at her neighborhood Magnuson Park, where she discovered a palette of muted greens and golds.

The Walk in the Park series is now on view in Sue's first solo show, at the Roosevelt Square Starbucks (upstairs next to Blockbuster Video). Stop by and enjoy her affectionate take on a familiar landscape while you sip your coffee:

Roosevelt Square Starbucks
NE 65th and Roosevelt Ave NE
through October 2

Or visit Sue's studio on the coolest street in town during the Ballard Art Walk:

Ballard Art Walk
every second Saturday of the month from 6-9pm
Queen Hotel
5308 Ballard Ave, Suite 7

"I love working with Julia. Often times she sends me on my way with a new concept or painting technique to consider. These little gems are delivered in such a gentle manner that their full effect doesn’t really hit me until later, after I’ve picked up a paint brush again. Needless to say, Julia’s wise mentoring has significantly impacted me and allowed me to progress as a painter far beyond what I could have imagined."

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