Wednesday, January 16, 2008

great opening!

photos by Rob Angus

Thanks to all who came out on a sloppy Thursday night last week - the room was warm and buzzing, and the work looked terrific.

The elements that unified this show were even more apparent to me after seeing the work hanging together in person. In particular, I noticed variations on verticals and horizontals, collage, and subjects implied and obscured.

Andree Carter's dynamic drips and tabs, the evocative windows of Ellen Rutledge's prints, and the painterly implied landscapes of Eric Chamberlain, each offer a well-developed and distinctive vision. Larry Calkins's room full of works in metal, wax, paper, photographs and other found material, is powerful, personal and dark yet somehow playful at the same time - like the ring of charred sections of romance novels, titled "Unrequited". It was fascinating hearing him talk about the heavy braid of a woman's hair he included in the show, and the single streak of gray in it that moved him in it's humanness.

It was a pleasure to be in such great company, artistically and socially.

Thanks to Kamla, Cable, Quinn, KAC and sponsors for a great show!

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