Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JH on Sunne Savage Gallery site

I am excited to announce that my work is now represented on the Sunne Savage Gallery website. 

I am listed in the Contemporary section, just above David Hockney. 

Click on my name to view a page of my work.

Also represented in the Contemporary section are two professors from my school: James Weeks, who, though he was never one of my teachers directly, imparted a legacy that included the mixing of jewel-clear color;  and Nick Edmonds, my sculpture professor, who taught me to construct planes and build clear structure, to dance back and forth and view things from every which way, and to attempt the unlikely (an abstract giraffe skull, a clay landscape). I am honored to see my name on the same page with theirs along with the likes of de Kooning and Kline.

Julia Hensley
Gouache and Acrylic Collage on Watercolor Paper
30" x 22"
Photo: Art and Soul

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