Thursday, October 04, 2007

2-d Instructor of the Year/ SHOW OPENS TONIGHT

Julia Hensley, Red/Yellow 45th, Oil on Panel, 2006

PRATT Fine Arts Gallery
Toshiro Kaplan Building
3rd & Washington Streets

Thursday, October 4th
Show runs through the end of the month
Gallery hours are Fri-Sat 12-5
Party following at my studio
619 Western
Studio 6N, Sixth Floor

I have been voted Teacher of the Year in the 2D studio at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

This means a terrific trophy replete with hotglue gunned embellishments (I'll get a photo of that but in the meantime, let your imagination run wild), the gift of $300 toward classes at Pratt (letterpress!), an award ceremony by the city at a Salty's on Alki, and a much-welcom sense of appreciation for seven years of teaching my heart out.

HUGE THANKS to all my students who voted - your work, excitement, and support is much appreciated.

There are six of my paintings in the accompanying show, along with work by my fellow-awardees in the 3-d departments. Stop by, it would be grand to see you! Or visit later, it'll be up for a month.

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