Friday, October 19, 2007

Pratt, fish, and a long bus ride

I got myself over on the bus to Salty's on Alki today for Pratt's celebration of volunteers, cheerleaders, contributors of all kinds - oh yes, and instructors of the year.

Breaking new ground at Pratt

Free drinks! People I know! And some new people - I had a great time talking to Gene Gentry Mc Mahon, artist and teacher, and walker. She has done some walking races and used to walk 75 miles a week to train. Inspiring...

Mimi Pierce, Jack Kleinart and others were recognized for their contributions to Pratt as an organization, along with six or seven of us teachers, in areas ranging from letterpress to blacksmithing. A quick intro, a handshake, a nice certificate, and back to my salmon, still warm...

It was truly gratifying to be recognized. And to look out into a room full of the generous and engaged people who contribute their time, money and energy to this organization. We teachers are so cloistered away in our classrooms, but suddenly I felt part of the Seattle art community.

Thanks to all of them and to Pratt for the appreciation, and for giving so many artists work, encouragement and opportunities.

Most of all, a big, warm thanks to my students who cared enough to vote - the gesture is deeply felt and goes a long way.

(And the fish, by the way, was very tender and tasty, with rapini and yummy spuds - nice job, Salty's!).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award Julia. It is richly deserved. Glad I lucked into your drawing class this fall.

Julia Hensley said...

Emily, thanks so much! I appreciate the comment.